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Our Philosophy

If you have ever seen the look of pure delight on a child’s face when they have mastered a new task, then you have an idea why we value our work.

More accurately defined, instead of ‘teaching’ young children, we provide many opportunities for them to learn valuable lessons and skills when they are ready.

Our goals for young children are related to the important business of becoming independent, responsible and self-sufficient. Children love to be in charge and in control; we help them satisfy this need by allowing and expecting responsible and respectful behavior. Many of the skills we practice during our day help children obtain these goals. As we recognize Kid Works as a child’s work place, we are proud to offer a program that provides the many opportunities for growth and the desire to learn.

We are strong believers of engaging the hand, the heart and the body to engage the brain.  We encourage true, deep play. For example, giving them a true sensory experience if they play in the mud or finger paint with their entire body. Going home in different clothes than they arrived in is common having been given the opportunity to play in the rain and watch the watercolors merge in the puddle or dig a trench and jump in the mud.

Our developmentally appropriate program helps to prepare children for future academic learning through hands-on experience.

Our developmentally-appropriate program helps to prepare children for future academic learning through hands-on experience, including: creative art, music and creative movement, science through discovery, language arts, literature, pre-math and life skills for social development.​

Our environment is designed and furnished with a wide variety of materials and settings to encourage experimentation, exploration, discovery, and involvement. Our qualified staff is dedicated to the idea that children develop and learn best in an atmosphere that is warm, safe, encouraging, understanding, stimulating, motivating, and fun! In the structure of our daily routine, and through the guidance of our experienced staff, your child will find many opportunities to make friends, interact with a group, engage in quiet reflection, learn how to resolve conflict, cope with frustration, learn to deal with emotions and practice age-appropriate responsibilities.

We are located in the beautiful neighborhood of Belmont Heights in Long Beach with a great community to support us.


From our Parents and Students

My son has been at Kid Works for going on two years. They have taught him so many life skills and problem solving skills. I am so proud of how much he has grown socially and intellectually. He has been in all the classrooms and all the educators have treated him with so much respect and care. They act as a family unit there and treat my son like family. It’s important to my family that he was able to explore the world as he wanted to and at Kid Works he had that freedom. There he works his body and his brain. Even though it’s isn’t an ABC 123 school he has still learned his letters and numbers through play. It has been the best experience for us all. – Carolina V.

We truly cannot say enough great things about Kid Works. The philosophy, the director, the approach to learning, the classes & outdoor areas, and the staff – everything and everyone is exactly what and who I want my child around. They do such an amazing job meeting the children where they are…and for a mama with a kiddo that needs emotional help to feel comfortable in new settings (even a year later some days!) the teachers are warm, responsive and willing to do whatever it takes to make her feel good and safe. My child has absolutely thrived at Kid Works. I have toured many preschools in the area and I really feel lucky to be able to send my children here. We currently have our 4.5 year old in Kid Works and plan to send our 2nd child when she’s just under 3! – Lindsey M.

Kid Works is the best! We have been so pleased with everything about the school. All the teachers and staff truly seem to enjoy what they do and caring for the children. Over the past year plus that our daughter has been attending Kid Works, she has really blossomed and developed an amazing sense of self. This is undoubtedly thanks to the amazing care and guidance she has received at Kid Works. The outdoor space of the school is awesome and the program philosophy really allows the children to explore their creativity. There is also a great sense of community among the families that attend. In short, I love Kid Works! – Christen C.

Kid Works has been a wonderful experience for my family. The individual love and support the children receive there is second to none. I am grateful that we found Kid Works many years ago and would recommend it to anyone. – Erin U.

I’m sad. I miss my friends at school. I love that school.

David – Kid Works Student

Both my children attended Kid Works and loved it. Their program is the best and provides age appropriate skills for preschoolers to learn and grow.  The staff and facility are amazing and the schedule is also great for working families.  My boys have thrived at Kid Works and being part of this community has been a true gift to our family.

Tara H.

We discovered Kid Works from a friend and have loved the experience. The staff feel like family and it’s hard to get my son to leave in the evening. He is free to be dirty and encouraged to be hands on with all of the various and ever changing activities. There is a garden growing vegetables, water stations, pet bunnies, pet birds, and pet rats..etc. One day my parents came to pick up my son and he was busing his own dishes from snack time. He immediately came home and wanted to help with our dishes. Things like this are ever day events at Kid Works. We are so happy our friend recommended this wonderful preschool.

Dan J.

Awesome school, awesome teachers, awesome owner.  My son attended here when he was 3 years old.  The school opened up his imagination and artistic skills.  He is now 6 and doing great in Kinder.  Our second child, who is 3 years old, now attends Kid Works and loves it even more.  This place is a must visit if you are looking for a place that will care for your toddlers.

Ken E.

To Everything There is a Season

This blog was going to be all about the fantastic garden we have at Kid Works.  The garden is always in various stages of presentability, never being picture-perfect because the plants are doing their own thing at their own time. Here at the end of August some of it is looking pretty raggedy, while other parts are bursting with flavorful…

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I’m Not Going to Change My Mind

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