Lisa Escobar


Lisa’s first experience in a preschool class came when she assisted in a bilingual co-op that her mom and some of her friends founded in the 1970s. Lisa found herself reading and telling stories with puppets to children just a few years younger than her. It was such a gift and a fascinating time for Lisa. In her early years she learned about different cultures from families that joined the co-op. The co-op also provided the opportunity to learn about art techniques from artists in the community. At that time Lisa’s hero was Mister Rogers who planted the seed of interest in how to talk to children and how to listen to their feelings.

When Lisa became a mom for the first time she took classes at Long Beach City College and her son enrolled in their preschool study lab. She studied child development alongside him in class and was hooked! Lisa continued taking classes at LBCC and Long Beach State. After that she joined Kid Works as a teacher.

Lisa has spent 30 years developing her knowledge and passion for this field, going to workshops, trainings, symposiums and mentorships under a few incredible teachers. Her active involvement in the school life of all three of her children gave her the opportunity to serve as VIP (a parent volunteer program) in LBUSD, volunteering her time in classrooms as well as being an active member in PTA and PTSA.

Lisa often shared her play experiences with her children’s elementary teachers. As Mister Rogers said, “Anyone who does anything to help a child in his life is a hero.” Lisa is so blessed to be a part of the Kid Works community and welcomes all the heroes to the neighborhood.


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