Amy Chiu


Amy first became fascinated with child development when she became a mom. She had finished her undergraduate degree at UCLA when becoming a mother changed her whole perspective and lead her to take classes in Early Childhood Education. When her daughter turned three and entered preschool, Amy herself entered preschool as a brand new teacher. When she had her second child she pursued and earned her Master’s in Education. She has worked in different preschools over the years, including corporate childcare, non-profit, and private. She found an affinity for developmental, play-based, and child-centered programs that nurture the whole child.

She worked as a toddler and preschool teacher for years before transitioning into school administration. Amy is passionate about working with children and parents, mentoring teachers, and co-creating a community of invested learners, young and old. Her goal is to advance the play-based philosophy in early education because young children must be offered hands-on, exploratory experiences to gain knowledge about the larger world. Simply put, children must PLAY!

Kid Works was a natural fit for Amy, and alongside Dinuka and the rest of the Kid Works team she continues to advocate for an unhurried childhood. She sees children as competent and capable individuals with agency who are listened to and appreciated for who they are right now.

In her free time, Amy enjoys baking, working out, going to concerts, and spending time with her family. In Kid Works, she can often be found playing with children and telling stories.

Her children are now teenagers who still have fond memories of their own time in preschool. She hopes that your child’s memories of preschool will be as treasured.


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