New Year, New Resolutions

Resolutions… It’s that time of year! The first few days of a new year are always so full of hope. The closing of an old year makes it fitting to leave behind bad habits and lazy ways. The new days ahead have so much potential!

Do you make new year’s resolutions? I do, even knowing I will fail in keeping all of them. There were years that I opted out of making them because of failure.  But as is said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  Making an attempt means I’m trying, and trying is better than not trying.

New Year, New Resolutions

What about preschoolers? Have you talked with your preschooler about making resolutions?  Preschoolers are capable of self-examination and thinking about goals. Have you opened up to your child about goals you’ve set for yourself? Do you have goals for your child? Those goals can be blended with their own goals and become new year’s resolutions.

When my oldest son was about five years old in 1996, we were driving in the car. There was a talk show on the radio and the topic was new year’s resolutions. The host was pointing out that they are important to make and that having them leads to greater happiness. He also stressed the importance of writing them down. I wasn’t aware that my son was listening. (Silly me! Children are always listening!) I had been so engaged with the discussion in regard to making my own resolutions that I didn’t consider the topic could apply to young children. Weren’t resolutions for older kids and adults?

When we got home my son went to his room to play. He soon came out holding a little piece of paper with his emergent printing on it that said, “I will stop biting my fingernails.” Wow! He made a resolution, self-motivated, with intent. Did he keep it? No. He continued to bite his fingernails into adulthood. But the concept and practice of self-examination, with a desire to improve himself began at a young age and set a path for the life-long journey of self-improvement.

Happy New Year and venture out with some resolutions!



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