4′ x 24″ Translucent Back Shelf

The Sun Room (the 4 year old classroom) is the most utilized room in our school with early morning activity, class activity, lunch activity, afternoon and late evening activity by ALL classes.  Because of this, the equipment and furniture gets the most use, therefore the most wear and tear too.  We would love to replace the block shelf that we have had for over 20 years and layers and layers of paint and the back falling off with a durable, sturdy and functional one.  Instead of an 8ft shelf we would like two 4ft shelves giving us more flexibility with room design and configuration.  We would love any donations to help get these items.

  • Solid hardwood construction yields decades of service.
  • Mobility is built in. Flip up the hidden wheels and roll into place. Flip the wheels back down for a perfectly stationary unit.
  • Translucent back lets in light and improves supervision.
  • Reconfigures easily. Connects without tools to any other Roomscapes shelf using sturdy plastic posts.
  • 24″ high shelves are perfect for toddler rooms: high enough to divide spaces, low enough to give you visibility.
  • Solidly divided shelves are assembled using mortise and tenon joinery for maximum strength.
  • Translucent backs are made from a virtually unbreakable, easy-to-clean polymer.
  • Corners and edges heavily rounded for safety.
  • Wood protected by tough, water borne, clear finish.
  • Indoor air quality certified by Indoor Advantage Gold.
  • Made of sustainably harvested North American maple.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • For important planning and safety information, read Roomscapes Planning Guidelines.


Your donation is ever so appreciated and will go a long way in the nurturing and development of our Kid Works kids. Thank you so very much for supporting Kid Works.


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